5 tips for taking a self-portrait for the Holidays!


5 Tips

Christmas time is the time for Christmas cards and I know I love to receive and to give them! And that usually means it’s time for photos! Here are a few tips to get some sweet photos of yourself (and your family!) at home.

  • Use a timer or a remote! I have a remote that I use and love – it is far easier than setting a timer and running over to join the photo (and you can usually find them fairly inexpensively online!). There are also now smart phone apps that can be used with some digital cameras!
  • Light! Having adequate light is a huge plus to getting a good photo. In all of these images I used a reflector to bounce some light back onto our faces since our big windows were behind us (I wanted to get our tree in the background!). Reflectors can also be found online for a great price.
  • Use a model to set your focus. In this setting I used my daughter, but you can use a doll, a toy, a dog… whatever you have! And then go over and join the photo.



  • If you are doing photos in front of your Christmas tree – don’t let that tree grow out of someones head! OK, not literally, but try to keep the tip of the tree from looking like it’s growing out of someones head. *wink*
  • Bonus: if you didn’t get your Christmas cards/photos done in time – don’t fret! This is the digital age, after all… Get on over to somewhere that does online slideshows and create one of these sweet little things!



Brooke Roundy

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