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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so excited about The Affiliate Program! Wait…how does this all work?

After you add the TPE creative of your choice to your website, any visitors that click on it, will be redirected back to TPE with your unique affiliate id. That occurrence creates a cookie, which is then saved for 30 days. If that visitor purchases a course at TPE in that 3o days then, BOOM, you get a percentage of that sale! Easy peasy!

You said something about a creative? What exactly is that?

Creatives are the images that you have available to embed in your site that also has your unique affiliate id. There are creatives for sidebars, headers, and footers. We also have A LOT of choices so you can find the perfect match for your site. You can chose to use one of our general creatives, or something that is more specific to a promo or course that is coming up. You can change them out as much as you want, so you (and your visitors) won’t get bored with the same look month after month!

Embedding code sounds really, really difficult. Is there a tutorial I can take a peek out to help guide me through this?

You betcha!

1.) Find the affiliate image you love and copy the code listed below it.

2.) Go the widgets area of your website and find the Text widget. Then drag it to your sidebar or footer area depending on what image you chose.


3.) Paste the code into the text area and save!


It is really that easy!

What if I put a Mastering Manual creative on my page and my visitor ends up buying Oh So Composed. Will I still get commission on that sale?

Definitely! Regardless of what creative you have on your website you get commission for any sale that occurs within 30 days of that visitor clicking on your creative and heading over to TPE.