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We know what it is like to feel overwhelmed with spreadsheets and invoices and receipts, oh my!

… you are not alone! Frustration mounts with un-filed expenses. Embarrassment peaks when it’s time to meet with your accountant and you still don’t understand the basics of your books.

Numbers can be confusing. We get it. That is why we have a plan for you. And it’s brought to you by TPE’s very own CPA, Deborah Nash.  

dividerBuy the bundle.  Understand the basics of accounting.  Tackle your books like a master.

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Interested in a more in-depth course about the basics of running a business? The Legit Department is for you!  Already taken The Legit Department? All About the Books is included as a bonus in the course! divider

In this PDF bundle you’ll get:
  • All About the Books: This 30-page, professionally designed PDF takes you through everything you need to know about the business of your business. From understanding accounting systems, to clarifying the difference between a balance statement and a cash flow statement, to explaining how to account for expenses, Deb leaves no spreadsheet unturned in her quest to help finally understand the basics of accounting. If you do your books yourself, your skills will improve exponentially. And if you work with a bookkeeper or accountant? You’ll be so much more informed the next time you sit down with them to review your books. You can feel confident in the content; after all, Deb is TPE’s very own CPA. We trust her with our business. You can too!
  • Accounting Glossary: This 7-page, professionally designed PDF is packed with all they key accounting terms you need to know now. Its at-a-glance convenience is a guaranteed confidence-booster.
  • Accounting Starter Files: You’ll get an accounting spreadsheet, a sample invoice and a personal accounting spreadsheet. These files are a great starting point to customize for your own business.
  • Pro Support: You’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group, where you can interact directly with Deb and get your burning accounting questions answered!

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Manage the business of your business like a pro. Grab All About the Books now!

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