Are you ready for In Person Sales?

In Person Sales

How does the thought of in person sales make you feel?

Honestly, it made me feel queasy, like my clients would think that I was some type of pushy “salesman”. I was down right scared of alienating my clients or worse yet not getting booked because I offered to come to the client’s house to sell to them!

When I was just starting out in my business, and getting my client processes set up, I thought a lot about whether or not I wanted to send online galleries to my clients or in person sales. I did what anyone would do and researched and did a cost benefit analysis of both. I decided that in person sales make the most sense for my business.

At the time the amazing Elizabeth Halford was offering a workshop, all about in person sales. It was perfect timing. I debated taking it, purely because of cost, but I knew I needed help because I had no idea where to start. I emailed her and asked if she could do it 1:1 with me and happily she agreed.

I drove 3 hours to meet with her, what I learned that day about in person sales sessions from Elizabeth completely changed how I viewed sales sessions. I walked away that day feeling positive and confident that I could actually do in person sales and I didn’t have to be a “pushy salesman”.

I have to admit, putting it into practice was hard for me. I was still creating my client processes, I felt like I had an endless list of things to do still for my business and the thought of what I needed to do to get ready for my first in person sales session (which was scheduled only a couple weeks after the 1:1 with Elizabeth) terrified me. I was a bag of nerves, my proofs didn’t arrive in time, the laptop I was using wasn’t calibrated, you name it, it went wrong…..what is a girl to do? I made a judgement call and thought some proofs were better than no proofs, so I went to a local high street chain store and got my proofs printed. Thankfully the clients were so excited to see their photos they didn’t notice the poor quality.

Why I do them now and totally love doing them

I am a mother, wife and home school teacher. With that comes a jam packed schedule. Fitting an in person sales session can be a bit of a juggling act, but I make time for it because I feel like it takes my customer experience beyond what my client expects and what my competition offers.

Getting to see my client’s first reactions to the photos that I took the time to create, is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It makes me proud of my work and has given me the confidence in my ability as a photographer.

I love being able to take my clients through the products and help them select what is right for them and their walls. It is a great time to get to know your clients and really build a rapport with them.

For me, in person sales is not about the money, don’t get me wrong it is nice to be paid for all the effort I put in but to me it is more about giving my clients the customer service they deserve. The best feeling is walking away knowing they are getting the products they want.

I have never come away feeling bad about a sale,

Is In Person Sales right for you

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to their business and In Person Sales might not be right for you and your circumstances, but here are a few benefits I have found to doing in person sales.

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Stops client confusion which might stop them from buying
  • No chasing clients for orders, payments etc so it SAVES you time in the long run
  • Builds a relationship with your clients, if they feel wanted/spoiled they will want to come back to you in the future

Take the time to weigh up if In Person Sales is for you and your business. We will be covering everything you need to know for In Person Sales in the July class here at The Photographers Element.

To find out when the next class is running, click here! Registration opens 2 weeks prior.



Sales in Plain English Instructor for The Photographers Element

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Erin Freeman

Erin Freeman


Originally from Canada, she upped sticks and moved to England 13 years ago, where she started a new adventure with her British husband. Her love of photography was ignited over 20 years ago when she travelled to Moscow, Russia aged 14, she hasn’t looked back since.

She started her business nearly 3 years ago, she soon realized that to offer her clients the best possible service, it needed to be personal, so she started looking into more ways to create this service, when the opportunity came to meet with Elizabeth Halford to take the Sales in Plain English class, she jumped at it.

When Erin isn’t working, she enjoys hanging out with her son at the British seaside and camping (or glamping as her son calls it). She also loves a bit of crocheting and sewing in the winter months.
Erin Freeman

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