I don’t normally shoot extended families.  Lately, I decided to embrace the challenge and honestly loved the experience! What a great idea to share a custom photography session with your whole family!  You can all share the cost, your images coordinate through look, style, and location, and you can design a stunning wall gallery for […]

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  • Stephanie B. - Oh, I love you! You did a fantastic job. It was so fun and relaxed. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I love them all!!

  • Rhonda Steed - oh man I HATE doing extended families but look at THESE!!!! They look so awesome! I love your take on the whole group and I can’t believe you actually got all those people looking at you at once! Awesome session!

  • brooke - Thanks Stephanie! So glad you like them! It was so fun!

    Rhonda… I did MAJOR preparation for this shoot 🙂 Ever wonder how to pose 23 people all at once!? I gathered some inspiration and prep poses beforehand! Some other fabulous hints… we shot families with kids FIRST, then the group shot, then all the rest so the kids were done early. And of course, this group dressed super classy and did not do the matchy matchy cliche look, which I think is AWESOME!

  • Alesa Larsen - I totally saw you taking these pictures. What a great shoot. I can’t wait to learn from you.

  • Lindsey - Wow! I haven’t seen these guys for ages. I didn’t recognize half of them at first. I am super impressed with these. Its the best big group I have seen.

  • Barbie - Great job Brooke! What a nice portrayal of a really nice family.

  • Dana W - I LOVE the light in these! The brightness, oh I can’t get enough of this great light. Fabulous photos Brooke!

  • Sarah - The big family pic is so great – and I love the ‘candid’ individual family shots. Well, I love them all – I mean, how can you not be impressed by a 4 story human pyramid? But honestly, these are so beautiful! Everyone looks happy and comfortable and REAL. Excellent job as always.

  • Kristina - I love these guys, too! =) SUCH cute pictures, Brooke!!

  • Kylene - I love these pic’s Brooke! You did a fantastic job. And I’m sure it helped to have so many beautiful people to photograph!

  • Juanita Brinkerhoff - Yep, extended family shoots can be SO hard, but as usual you make it look like a breeze and these are such fun portraits for them to have. 🙂 Good work!

  • Jessica Noorda - Brooke! You are amazing. I can’t get over it! This family is a really great family, I knew them all in highschool and they are awesome! I also love that they didn’t match perfectly either!

It is no secret that this is a _wild season_for many photographers. It seems the hours of editing are endless, groups of emails are left unanswered (unless you mastered your inbox with Kristin back here…and your workspace is covered in papers, SD cards, and caffeinated beverage containers.) Let’s get your workflow a tad more under […]

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Despite the comments that have filtered through the grapevine to me, I’m proud to say that my “A Change in the Wind” picture is nearly straight out of the camera.  No, it is not photoshopped to look that way, and no I did not take a shot of the Julie Andrews poster as I overheard […]

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  • Rhonda Steed - okay that is just silly that people were doubting it! i love love love the pictures!!

  • JaiCi - I love it! I actually did some of my senior photos on a trampoline with my dad – and they were AWESOME!!! I think you’re just so super clever…

  • Nicole Leavitt - I love this picture, and that may or may not be because Mary Poppins was one of my ABSOLUTE favorite movies when I was little. I was curious as to how you did this, because I was pretty dang sure you wouldnt have photoshopped her into the sky. I knew you had a secret up your sleeve! Its absolutely fabulous! 🙂 I think I might try some superman ones of my little guy like that, since he is obsessed with being a flying superhero!

  • Mindy - This is great! What did this photo win?

  • Brooke Snow - Thanks everyone 🙂

    Mindy, this photo won Honorable mention overall at the Logan Summerfest Arts Faire.

  • Leslie - I love it, Brooke! You are so clever!! I love the creativity in all your photoshoots–you amaze me!

  • Becca - Brooke, have I ever told you how much I freakin love you? I love your creativity, your sense of humor, and your AMAZING talent. You have such an eye for things. But my very favorite thing about you is how giving you are of your knowledge. most professionals are not quite so generous. but you are more than willing to help amatuer photographers and teach them and train them and give tips, and show us your tricks. Thank you so much for that. It has made me decide that if I ever get as good as you, I will always be willing to share with others as well. You are such a dear. thank you and I LOVE LOVE this post. I don’t know teresa, but I can’t help but love her from these pictures. they are awesome.

  • Kari - I love this whole story of how you got the shot. I liked seeing what kind of problems you had to work through to make it a success!

  • Amber Fife - how fun!!! Good job!!

  • Charisse - What a great image Brooke! Thanks for sharing how you created this effect!

  • Marianne - So awesome Brooke! Congrats!

  • Delia - That is so COOL! I love Mary Poppins. What fun shot this must have been.

  • Jaclyn Black - Funny thing- I was there when they announced the winners, and with this picture the announcer said they were amazed at your absolute precision in photoshoping the figure- “Look at those feet! They’ve been cut without a flaw!” If only they knew it was straight out of the camera- they’d be even more impressed!

  • Jocelyn - Thanks for the play-by-play and sharing your learning! I love how you really did very little to the photo after it was shot. That’s the way great photography is! (And I still claim Mary Poppins as one of my favorite movies as an adult!)

  • Samantha - What a great project and fantastic capture! Thank you so much for sharing not just your end results but the process of how you go there. I just learn so much from you, thank you thank you!

  • Once Upon A Time…. { Little Red Riding Hood } » JFP Blog - […] me here) to keep myself inspired and excited about my camera, BUT I was totally inspired by this Mary Poppins shoot that our instructor did and knew immediately what I wanted to try.  That was a long time back and […]