Let’s talk about my favourite subject: photographing children. More specifically, posing them. I’m not going to give you the same tips you can read elsewhere or even give you specific poses to try. Jenny Gibson has a killer posing guide for that. I just want to share some things I’ve learned myself. So I’m just […]

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  • Colleenhc - Yet another great post! Thank you!

  • Breanne Clemmensen - Thanks for a great article. I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I am okay at posing and telling people how to pose, but sometimes I get parents or others with them that have stuff in mind and then I don’t have the voice to come out and say lets do it differently. I had a senior photo shoot the other day that I was so pumped for and had lots of ideas and everything but the mom was so take charge that it was hard for me to say, yeah that great but lets also do this. Does that 50% game work with the older ages too?

  • Npshields - Thanks for taking the time to put this together; great ideas and extremely helpful! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Virgjones -  Just found your site through DPS. Great great posing tips. I’ll be back!

  • Abrown9 - Thank you for sharing!

  • Heidi Meek - Really great tips!

  • Chelsea - Thank you! Enjoyed your article!!!!

  • Dhininl - a great article.

  • Nathan Seeley - So I’ve done a few informal photoshoots for my friends and family, what I’ve seen work really well is (with two or more people/children) let them kind of play and be goofy and just keep taking those pictures (gotta love digital) I’ve gotten some adorable shots that way.

  • Jessica - Thanks for the great post!

Let’s get into the school spirit with this fun quiz to see how well you know Lightroom. Question 1: What is this area called and what happens if it has disappeared? Answer: This area is called the Toolbar. Sometimes it can disappear on you. If this happens, you can display or hide it by using […]

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Are you the kind of person that just takes others words for it? Or maybe you like to figure out things yourself for a deeper understand. Well, that was me! When I started out with newborn photography I couldn’t for the LIFE of me figure out how those “rock star” newborn photographers got that beautiful […]

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