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Discovering your unique voice, from the ground up!

Stumped on post-processing, and defining your own style? Our Earth Courses will help you establish your unique voice as an artist.

Our Core Earth Courses

Finding your Voice

You’re fascinated with all things photography, but how do you begin to hone your own individual style and voice in your work?

Get Grounded in Photoshop

Understand the difference between inches and pixels, layer masks versus erasing, and how to get rid of that unwanted object in the background of your favorite image.

Branch out in Photoshop

We tackle the more complex technicalities of Photoshop, and work with fun tricks like changing shirt colors or cutting out a person to place them in another image.

Get Grounded in Lightroom

This 4-week, intensive workshop covers all the features you need to know in Lightroom to give your photos the look you want.

From Practice to Portfolio

Whether you are just starting out, or eager to switch styles but need a strong portfolio to represent your new direction, or you want to maintain the practice of personal projects, this class is the lifeline to making it the most joyful experience

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