Embrace the Mess


Over and over I scrutinized the photos, they were charming, crammed with love and delight except for the fact that there was a distinct distraction in the background that characterised itself as a distant black blob hovering in mid-air and something lying haphazardly on the counter. Why didn’t I notice these in camera? What kind of “professional photographer”, still feeling utterly unconvinced at being one, entirely misses these things?

A simple solution to fix these problems before I snapped the shot was to move the empty coffee cup on the counter and remove the family photo in the background that was now completely blurred and unattractive. This could very well have been a seamless, perfect shot and now it was a photo that required additional unnecessary editing!

While berating myself over and over about how unprofessional it was not to have seen these things, it dawned on me suddenly that I was hung on perfection!

Why didn’t I just embrace the mess!

When I look back at the photos of my children and the love of my life, do I want them all to be perfect and posed? Do I want to remember that while I was trying to capture the essence of my greatest treasures that I forgot to relish the moment with them?

Life is messy and lovely all at the same time! We gather in cluttered kitchens because that’s were open conversations take place, where the aroma of your favourite chicken casserole makes your stomach growl in anticipation and reminds you home is the best place to be, where the laughter is uncontrollable and your pets lie all over the floor pretending not to be spying on you in case a morsel of food plummets to the floor.

This is what life, love and family is, so why on earth would I choose to make it look like that never happened? The mess is where defining moments happen, where the love of a family is all encompassing and the overflowing dishes in the kitchen sink, begging to be washed, no longer matter. That my friends, is photography, capturing the very essence of the important moments in our lives, not the flawless ones.

Too often we are caught up in the getting it right, that we forget that sometimes it’s okay to get it wrong because getting it wrong means we are essentially GETTING IT RIGHT! When we do this, we allow others to be themselves, to be open enough to share their messy lives, heads and hearts with us and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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Nikki Dunford

Nikki Dunford

Hello from Sunny South Africa, a photographer’s dream world of beautiful beaches, majestic animals, sunrises and sunsets!

And that is how my journey started, I would look at everything and think: “Imagine seeing that from behind a lens, imagine capturing that beauty for all eternity, a moment in time that can never be lost or undone!A legacy of photographs to inspire people to shine their lights to one another”.

Pix by Nix Photography was born in 2013 and is a never ending exciting adventure of learning and growing as a photographer, which comes a very close second to my passion of being a mom to two beautiful teenage girls and wife to an amazing man!

As The Photographer’s Element Business to Business Guru, I want to share the love we have for our personally-tried-and-tested companies and products with our readers and followers! Photography is a love affair with life and we hope to share that love affair with everyone, from our incredible vendors all the way through to our incredible clients.
Nikki Dunford

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