Embrace Winter | 4 Tips for Shooting Indoors

Embrace Winter | 4 Tips for Shooting Indoors // The PhotographerSummer is over! We can kiss those long bright days, warm nights and that beautiful golden hour light goodbye! I live in Utah where the first snow fall is usually sometime in October and the last snow fall is in March or April. A 30 degree day feels like spring! So many people wait until spring and summer to take those really awesome outdoor pictures of their kids, pets, friends and families. As each 4 degree day passes, our children aren’t getting any younger.  In fact, my babies are growing like a weeds. It would be a shame to miss capturing all these special moments. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the memories and traditions don’t wait for the best lighting conditions or warmest weather. I’m here to share tips on how to take better pictures indoors!

 Tip #1: Light up your subject!

During the day, take advantage of all the natural light leaking into your home. Turn off the overhead light so you aren’t mixing light sources then find that beautiful window light. Place your subject in an area where their face can be lit up by the light, but not directly in the light.

Window Light Set Up

Window Light Set Up

When the sun goes down or you’re away from a window, get creative with your light source and boost your ISO!


Light Source: Lamp | ISO: 1250

Tip #2: Use Manual Mode NOT Auto Mode

Pop-up flashes make shiny foreheads, washed out photos, less color, weird shadows, etc etc… Avoid the built in camera flash at all costs if you can.
  • Aperture:

    Use the largest aperture (smallest number) your lens can handle to let in the most light.

  • ISO:

    When you can’t get enough light in the room, increase your ISO. Keep in mind that the bigger the number means there will be more noise. A higher ISO will allow you to keep your shutter speed higher, which is especially helpful for moving children or pets.

  • Shutter Speed:

    Keep your shutter speed around 1/100 or faster to avoid blur, especially with moving subjects.


ISO 500 | f/2 | 1/125   •    Shot from above for shadowy directional lighting

Tip #3: Add catch light

If you really want to add a spark to your images, think about highlighting your subjects eyes with catch light. To add that spark of light in your subjects eyes, simply place them in a position that allows the light to show up in the corner of their eyes. Face them towards the light source.

View More: http://kyleeannphotography.pass.us/maughan


NO Catch Light vs Catch Light

Tip #5 Have fun & Be creative

Make sure you are having fun and allowing your children to have fun also.  If the photos are blurry or too grainy, that is okay. Your job is not to get the most technically accurate photo. It’s to capture memories. Be creative with your angles and perspective! What do you want to remember about these moments or stages of life?


xo, Kylee Maughan

Hi, I’m Kylee. I’m a full-time family and wedding photographer based out of Northern Utah. I am also full-time wife and mother of two, part-time cleaner and really part-time cook. My approach to photography is capturing and documenting families, brides, children and all people in natural, real-life ways. The pictures I cherish the most are the candid laughs, kids chasing each other around the room, real snuggles and genuine fun. I also love to teach, write and inspire. Follow along on my Blog, Facebook page, or Instagram. You can sign up for my course “Fab Families” here.

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Kylee Maughan

Kylee Maughan


I was born and raised in the land of Evergreens, mild temperatures & rain. I am a Washington girl through and through living in hot and cold Cache Valley, Utah. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, majored in Family Life and loved every second!

Family and my faith are everything to me. My favorite things include chocolate, Netflix, deep fried sushi and Costa Vida.

When my husband and I were dating, I shared my dreams of becoming a photographer with him. Two months later, he sold his Xbox and bought me my very first real DSLR camera for Valentine’s Day and thus begun Kylee Ann Photography. I was completely clueless and inexperienced, but I NEVER stopped dreaming. I specialize in a photojournalistic style of shooting. My goal in every session is to capture love in natural, real-life ways. The pictures I cherish the most are the candid laughs, kids chasing each other and other genuine fun. I also love to teach! Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to be an educator online and in-person – teaching several courses, setting up workshops, mentoring sessions, organizing local clubs and writing for national blogs.
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