Five Minute Friday: Lightroom Instagram Export Preset

five minute friday instagram LR edit

Oh Instagram. Even though we don’t all love your recent changes, we just can’t quit you!

Your layouts and hashtags have us hooked. Plus, with 400 million users, you’re such an amazing social media tool that shares our photos with the world.

Whether you are up to your eyeballs in clients and sessions this time of year or maybe you’re enjoying the quiet before the autumn craziness, you can always benefit from speeding up your workflow. To help you achieve this I wanted to show you how to create Instagram ready images in Lightroom and how to create an Instagram export preset. This way your photos are ready to be uploaded into Instagram without any fine tuning.

Normally I export the image directly to Dropbox or Google Drive so I can access them on my mobile device and easily add to Instagram.

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Kristy Chapman


This lover of photo editing is primarily a Lightroom user dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others. She will tell anyone who will listen about the amazing power of Lightroom and how it can be your ultimate editing tool.

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