Go Live a Life you can Google!


It exactly 12:28am to be precise and what I should be doing is quietly drooling on my pillow with my mouth wide open and snoring as elegantly as only us ladies can do, and completely denying it later.  Yet my brain decided to declared war on my REM sleep.

Have you ever thought of your brain as the information highway and how many off ramps, detours and crashes it could have in a space of 10 minutes!  This is when I realise I have a problem, an addiction of sorts, which I am sure many of us have and don’t realise.

Online tonight I started off with 1 tab but in a space of about an hour I had opened enough tabs to make my Internet crash. However, there was 1 common denominator in them, which I only realised during my “please brain shut up and go to sleep” moment. All these tabs where on how to do things.  This is what they looked like:

1) How to manage my time better
2) How to concentrate better
3) How to write an interesting blog
4) How to apply makeup to look more refreshed
5) Facebook, how to compare my life to yours
5) How to make little love bottles (it’s the night before valentines and I need gifts for kids and had seen this idea somewhere)
6) how to photoshop XYZ….

I could go on but you get the “tabs”!  And while the Internet is an incredible tool and makes us feel like we have all the answers at our fingertips, it can also make us feel completely inadequate.  We feel the NEED to have the answers to EVERYTHING and the need to prove we can do things and get them right, first time round.

Now if we all had a photographic memory this would be truly amazing HOWEVER it’s likely that this will never happen.

Picture this: An 11-month old baby Googling, yes I am aware that this feels more like a science fiction read now but for interest and curiosity’s sake, let’s pretend.

So baby B (let’s call him Brad) is now 11 months old and his googling goes something like this

1) How to walk
2) How to learn more words
3) How to potty train
4) When should I apply to go to school
5) What schools should I apply to

Baby Brad has all the information needed now and is learning at a far rapid rate then most 11 months old BUT he has taken away from the very experience that makes him HIM. He may now never get to experience falling on his bum over and over until he learns to balance and put one foot in front of the other?  Or learn at his own pace and imagine a world of possibilities in his mind instead of online.  What about his mom?  Does she really want him to be so independent that her thoughts and affirmations are no longer necessary?

And so it is with most of us, we get so wrapped up in the information highway we sometimes forget to just BE!

Switch off the laptop, make mistakes with your children, your spouse, your friends and your work.  Take a terrible photo….

Be at peace knowing that you don’t need to know everything right here and right now and that the majority of the time experiencing the journey is worth more than the knowledge of the “how to’s”.

Go live a life worth googling!

Ps: no babies were harmed in the making of this blog 🙂


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Nikki Dunford

Nikki Dunford

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