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Do you ever feel like that brown hamster with the huge black eyes, running its tiny furry legs off on the spinning wheel? That pretty much describes the month I have had! I have, once again, over committed myself by being excessively ambitious and forgetting that life gets in the way of, well, LIFE. Sick children happen, family visit and the dreaded flu decides to take your body hostage and refuses to negotiate on a time frame of release.

Work seems to look like the scene from Bruce Almighty where every room is overflowing to the brim with bright yellow post it notes, including the ones stuck on your head! Feeling quite overwhelmed at this point and envisioning that head shake of disappointment of everyone around me, I bring out my “weapon”. To many this doesn’t represent a weapon at all and if you saw me bring out this navy blue hard covered A5 journal, you would look at me quizzically and ask me with all seriousness if I have lost my marbles! Truthfully, this little journal has been my saving grace this year.

Let’s rewind for a few moments, to the sounds of firecrackers, popping of champagne bottles and crowds of voices counting down the stroke to midnight turning this once a year celebration into the day where copious amounts of new year resolutions are made and promptly abandoned like a stray, stinky smelling sock within a day or two.

Well this year brought the decision not to make a resolution but to have a word for the year that would push, inspire me and get me through the bad days. It is the first time I have chosen a word for the year and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to use it to spur me on, but for some reason I couldn’t let go of this concept.


Love was the word that sprung to mind and January 1st is when I create a LOVE DIARY where I have written down one sentence a day to describe what I loved about that day. Being the control freak I am, I needed rules in place for myself too: I am never allowed to write the same sentence twice and I need to be specific. I am a stickler for rules at the best of times and I blame this solely on being the middle child!

Heading over to the present day and thinking about all the chaos of the last month, I pull out my love diary, that already looks a bit sad for wear as I sigh softly to myself that I am feeling a little defeated by life right now. Yet this is the perfect time to go through my diary and see how much love I have experienced in the last few months. Even on the worst day I have managed to write something I love, Day 45: Love flopping my tired body on my messy white linen bed with the smell of hints of lavender.

It then hits me in the eyes like a cricket ball, right then and there, that I love writing and I truly LOVE sharing my stories. Yes, I am aware I won’t be winning the next Pulitzer Prize for my literary work nor does that disappoint me. I want this blog to be real and sincere, even if that means exposing my vulnerabilities, because in the end the things that matter most are the very things we treasure around us and are grateful for on a daily basis. Each one of us have things unique to us that help us feel fulfilled, even if it is only that half-drunk cold cup of coffee on your dusty dining room table that made you feel happy today. There is ALWAYS, let me emphasize that again, ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

So put on those rain boots, jump in the puddles until your face is all muddy and wet and know that this too shall pass.

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Nikki Dunford

Nikki Dunford

Hello from Sunny South Africa, a photographer’s dream world of beautiful beaches, majestic animals, sunrises and sunsets!

And that is how my journey started, I would look at everything and think: “Imagine seeing that from behind a lens, imagine capturing that beauty for all eternity, a moment in time that can never be lost or undone!A legacy of photographs to inspire people to shine their lights to one another”.

Pix by Nix Photography was born in 2013 and is a never ending exciting adventure of learning and growing as a photographer, which comes a very close second to my passion of being a mom to two beautiful teenage girls and wife to an amazing man!

As The Photographer’s Element Business to Business Guru, I want to share the love we have for our personally-tried-and-tested companies and products with our readers and followers! Photography is a love affair with life and we hope to share that love affair with everyone, from our incredible vendors all the way through to our incredible clients.
Nikki Dunford

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