It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! Full-Time seats on us!

Giveaway-february-imageWe are fully dedicated to making our course experiences as personal as possible.  Part of that philosophy means that we limit the number of Full-Time seats offered in each course!

We also understand that sometimes money is tight, and that tough times hit all of us. about a Giveaway to one of these courses!

So…Toss the dice!


Someone has to win, it might as well be you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S.  If you have already purchased a seat to any of the above courses, and you win the giveaway – we’ll refund your tuition ASAP!

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Sarah Grace Allred

Sarah Grace Allred

Mentoring flourishing photographers makes her heart sing, as well as collecting vintage Little Peoples, and devouring all things Drum Corp (check out and watch her inner-geek emerge!). Sarah believes in holding no secrets back when teaching and that photographs can truly change the spirit of your home sweet home.

Sarah Grace lives in Louisiana with her husband, loves-to-ride-the-bus-Kindergartener, and scrambled eggs lovin’ baby boy.
Sarah Grace Allred