Keeping Your Calendar Under Control During the Busy Season

With summer and fall being the busiest time of year for most photographers, I wanted to share a couple quick tips for keeping your calendar organized so you don’t fall behind or miss a thing!

  1. Know how much time you actually have and how much you want to shoot — and then stick to it! It’s hard to say no when you have more business than you have time for, but if you want to enjoy your business, be willing to set and stick to the boundaries you know you need.
  2. When you schedule a shoot, also pencil in the day and time it will be edited. This helps you get a more realistic look at the time you’ll actually have available so you don’t overbook yourself. You may think you can physically shoot five sessions a week, but what if you shoot five sessions every week for a month but don’t leave yourself any time to turn around those sessions? You’ll be up late every night trying to stay afloat and kicking yourself for not planning better!
  3. Block out time each week for the administrative tasks that can get forgotten about in the busy-ness of a hectic shooting/family schedule. How much time do you need each week to keep up on finances, paperwork, and emails? Create that time in your schedule way ahead of time so you don’t fall behind on those tasks that may not seem urgent in the moment when you’re feeling busy, but are definitely important enough to keep up on.
  4. Make sure you give your clients a realistic time frame for when to expect their images back. And then leave time in your schedule to over-deliver and get it to them sooner. I always tell my clients they can expect to see their pictures in two weeks and return them in no less than one. You won’t feel guilty for pushing deadlines and not meeting expectations and your clients will be thrilled!

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re busy is to plan ahead and be intentional! By sticking to your plan, you can allow for the unexpected things that always show up to not throw you off course. You’ll be happier and your clients will be too!

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Kristin Brown


She began offering studio management services, workshops, and consulting in early 2013 and loves teaching and talking about business. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and cat and loves reading, writing, and the ocean. She believes in living simply, making meaningful connections, and baking lots of cookies.