light in motion conquering backlightWe know what it is like to feel overwhelmed while shooting backlight.

… you know, the one we’re all told is golden? Frustration mounts with unwanted sunflare.  Anger peaks when haze appears out of nowhere.

Backlight can feel unpredictable.  We get it.  

That is why we have a plan for you

dividerBuy the Bundle.  Learn the techniques that really work.  Become a backlight master.



Note:  Interested in a more in-depth course about ALL kinds of natural light?  Mastering Light is for you!  Already taken Mastering Light?  This material is covered during week 2 of the course material! divider

backlight in motion pdf previewbacklight in motion video preview

If you haven’t studied with Sarah before, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what her past students have to say:

“She’s such an encourager. I can see she truly wants us to excel in our personal photography journey.” Rachel Murray

“… a must in every photographer’s journey. Sarah does a great job of laying the foundation for anyone that’s just beginning to those who’ve been shooting for a few years.” Bianca Klein

 “Sarah Grace Allred is the most positive, encouraging instructor and made me feel that I truly have the ability to take my photography to the next level.” Susan Bonds

In this PDF and live demo video bundle you’ll get:
  • Conquering Backlight PDF: a 12-page, professionally-designed printable PDF jam-packed with the ins and outs of backlight – from knowing what backlight looks like to creating the images you want, whether you’re aiming for hazy and dreamy or sharp and bold. Sarah even troubleshoots right along with you.
    • Achieving hazy backlight shots
    • Achieving sharp, vibrant, backlight shots
    • How to get sharp AND hazy in the same location, on the same shoot, at the same time of day!
    • Troubleshooting common mistakes in backlighting
  • Bonus PDF – Partially Blocked Backlit Images:  in this 11-page, professionally-designed printable PDF Sarah shares her tips for conquering one of the most challenging backlight techniques – partially blocked images. She shares her “secret sauce” camera focus technique and shows you before (SOOC) and after images to ‘keep it real’.
  • Plus you’ll get FIVE videos to watch at your leisure: With a GoPro strapped to her head (so you can see the light just like SHE does!) Sarah helps you discover every element of backlight as if you are walking right beside her. Yes, from “seeing quality light” while scouting locations, to actually taming that gorgeous light during a shoot, Sarah and her GoPro are with you every step of the way. In video 1, Sarah takes you through scouting a location. In video 2, she live demos sharp, vibrant backlight. In video 3, she live demos hazy light. In video 4, you’ll watch Sarah use blockers to sun-drench her shots. And in bonus video 5, she shows you her “secret sauce” camera focus technique.


Harness the beauty of natural light in outdoor sessions you and your clients will adore. Grab Light in Motion: Conquering Backlight when it is available next!