Momma Selfie DSLR Style

This post is for the mommas that are always behind the camera. Let’s talk aboutmomma selfies.
I was a little late to be considered the “selfie generation” but I have younger siblings that have taught me their ways and kept my selfie game strong. Even my parents are on board now. I can definitely master the ugly face Snapchats and silly selfies, but still struggle getting in front of my big girl camera.
As the designated photographer, I’m constantly capturing sweet connections of other people. Other moms with their kids. My parents or husband with my kids. Although I LOVE capturing other people’s connections, I decided it’s time to get in front of my cameras and capture my own sweet connections. Stop letting years pass with very few pictures of us being present in everyday moment.
One way to do this is passing off your camera at events. Make sure you set the settings then teach your husband, sister or friend the basics of taking an in-focus photo. I also highly recommend hiring a professional photographer for your annual (or quarterly!) photos.

But today I’m going to talk about the Momma Selfie – DSLR style.

1. Set the scene
Find a place in your home, or outdoors where you and your children are comfortable. Make sure it’s well lit and free from distractions.
2. Take some test shots + set your settings
When you’re behind your camera, you are usually able to glance at the back and make sure the pictures are turning out. With a self portrait you don’t have this luxury. It’s important for you to take test shots and love the results before you waste the next little bit taking timed portraits that aren’t going to turn out!
3. Use an older child (that doesn’t move) or a stuffed animal to set the focus point.
This is the HARDEST part of taking a self portrait. You cannot re-set your focus. Make sure that you turn your lens to manual focus after you set the focus point. Then, try to stay in the same spot the entire selfie session.
4. Set your camera to remote and timer.
If you don’t know how, pull out that manual in your box and figure it out!
5. Then play, snuggle, and be yourself with your children.
You can try and get one where everyone is smiling at the camera too, that’s okay too!

xo, Kylee Maughan

Hi, I’m Kylee. I’m a full-time family and wedding photographer based out of Northern Utah. I am also full-time wife and mother of two, part-time cleaner and really part-time cook. My approach to photography is capturing and documenting families, brides, children and all people in natural, real-life ways. The pictures I cherish the most are the candid laughs, kids chasing each other around the room, real snuggles and genuine fun. I also love to teach, write and inspire. Follow along on my Blog, Facebook page, or Instagram. You can sign up for my course “Fab Families” here.

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Kylee Maughan

Kylee Maughan


I was born and raised in the land of Evergreens, mild temperatures & rain. I am a Washington girl through and through living in hot and cold Cache Valley, Utah. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, majored in Family Life and loved every second!

Family and my faith are everything to me. My favorite things include chocolate, Netflix, deep fried sushi and Costa Vida.

When my husband and I were dating, I shared my dreams of becoming a photographer with him. Two months later, he sold his Xbox and bought me my very first real DSLR camera for Valentine’s Day and thus begun Kylee Ann Photography. I was completely clueless and inexperienced, but I NEVER stopped dreaming. I specialize in a photojournalistic style of shooting. My goal in every session is to capture love in natural, real-life ways. The pictures I cherish the most are the candid laughs, kids chasing each other and other genuine fun. I also love to teach! Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to be an educator online and in-person – teaching several courses, setting up workshops, mentoring sessions, organizing local clubs and writing for national blogs.
Kylee Maughan

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