newborn flareAre you ready to take your newborn photography skills to the next level?

Have you been looking for ways to streamline your posing workflow and implement success into every session? Do you feel there is just something missing from your newborn images, but don’t know what?

A sneak peek into Newborn Flare!

This 4-week course is designed to take you through an array of advanced skills of newborn photography, such as posing, workflow and simple editing techniques.

You will learn how to approach each of the six basic newborn poses with technique and perspective to place that extra shine on your images. Discover a variety of wrapping styles and watch live how you can implement them into your unique posing workflow. Set yourself apart and add a personal touch to each session by learning how to determine the right props and coordinating fabric colors and textures that match your clients style messed with your creativity.

Newborn Photography is more than endearing poses and beautiful fabrics; it’s about connections, emotions and new beginnings, captured and bottled up for a lifetime of love for families. Bring out those elements by involving parents and siblings with relaxed and natural interactions. Continue your journey by implementing steps and pro tips on how to achieve that creamy newborn skin with proper image editing in a live video demo.

Whether you desire a more polished look or seek to ignite emotion in your newborn images, this advanced course will challenge you to create new skills, enhance your passion and add a little flare to the next level of your newborn photography.

Wondering how this course can help you advance your skills? Check out these before and after images from Kara Taylor Photography!


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the details

Recommended Time: 4 weeks
Skill level: Intermediate @ Newborn Photography
Required Equipment: DSLR, access to natural light, baby doll, Photoshop
Topics: Chin-on-Hands, Tushy-Up Pose, Posing Workflow, Advanced Posing, Parents and Sibling Shots, Editing newborns in Photoshop


This course is 100% online, like all of our courses at TPE.  

There are no required “online times” ever!



newborn flare course outline

All our courses are taught 100% through video, text, and sometimes audio download! Download your materials to study at your own pace, at the times that work best for you! Then come back to the course pages to watch your videos.

Please note that if you choose to study as a Full-Time student, you may have assignments that will be due by a specific time each week. But again, you can complete them at your own pace. There are no required “online” times!



While it’s not essential that you’ve completed these courses in advance, we do believe you’ll find your experience in Newborn Flare to be a much more productive one if you’ve got these skills in your photography toolkit.



malia battilanaAs a former school teacher, and now a full time newborn portrait photographer, Malia has combined her love of children and teaching to help others spark their passion in their own newborn photography journey.

It’s an honor to be photographing the world’s newest little human beings. It takes that special touch, patience and a pure love. She believes emotional connection makes for influential newborn portraiture and that anyone seeking that, can find it.

Malia lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her most supportive husband and her 3 fun-loving children. As the owner of Malia B Photography, she photographs the cutest babies in the Valley of the Sun. Want to see Malia’s stunning work? Check her website out here.

Do you have a specific question about whether Newborn Flare is right for you? You can reach Malia here.


VIP Members gain instant access to Newborn Flare

+ all our other courses!