oh baby workshopTwo newborn power houses. They want to hang with you!

The desperate desire to have a “master” sit with you is REAL. There is no replacement for those moments with “Yoda” where your entire journey is altered because of “his” wise guidance.

What will be your “Yoda moment” with our newborn masters?

Imagine Malia, the queen of polished and personalized newborns, standing right next to YOU, as YOU capture newborns using YOUR camera. Malia is no newbie to teaching and has stunned students everywhere she goes with her posing workflow!

Rub shoulders with the legendary Jenny Gibson as she pushes your vision towards your true potential, and unleashes the magic behind her progressive newborn photography.

Jenny + Malia  + YOU for two full days.

Learn the most progressive approaches to newborn photography. Unleash your true potential.

Leave with a mentor and a community, forever.


“What can I say about working with Malia, the whole thing was just amazing! I flew from the UK just to stand next to her, and within minutes I knew every sacrifice to get there was worth it! She was totally open about everything and made sure I got a lot of hands on time. It was the first in person training that I had that made me feel like I could actually pose a baby with confidence! Malia is so kind and caring, she really wants people to succeed and this comes across in her training.”


the deets on this ALL-INCLUSIVE workshop

WHEN: June 23-25, 2016
WHERE: Shreveport, Louisiana in the most FABULOUS modern home ever! (Only 3 hours from Dallas, you Texas peeps!)
COST: $1400
ADDITIONAL COSTS: Just your transportation to and from the workshop. We are providing food, lodging, instruction, toe-nail polish, you name it!


We’ve got just 9 seats available for this workshop. Yep, it’s going to be live, in-person and intimate!

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Register in the next 48 hours and receive $550+ in bonuses:

  • $20 Gift Card to Devoted Knits
  • The Pocket Guide from Simple Swaddler:  ($110 value!)
    • PDF Posing Guide
    • Simple Swaddler Posing Workflow + video tutorial
  • $150 Gift Card to The Photographer’s Element
  • 1-hour Pre-workshop mentoring experience with Jenny Gibson ($150 value!)
  • 1-hour Pre-workshop mentoring experience with Malia Battilana ($150 value!)

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your workshop leaders

meet malia battilana

malia battilanaAs a former school teacher, and now a full time newborn portrait photographer, Malia has combined her love of children and teaching to help others spark their passion in their own newborn photography journey.

It’s an honor to be photographing the world’s newest little human beings. It takes that special touch, patience and a pure love. She believes emotional connection makes for influential newborn portraiture and that anyone seeking that, can find it.

Malia lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her most supportive husband and her 3 fun-loving children. As the owner of Malia B Photography, she photographs the cutest babies in the Valley of the Sun. Want to see Malia’s stunning work? Check her website out here.

Malia is our instructor for Newborn Beginnings and Newborn Flare.

meet jenny gibson

Jenny GibsonJenny Gibson has been pursuing her passion for photographing children for 17 years, since the ripe ol’ age of 18. Married and living in Roseburg, Oregon with 4 kids of her own, she is one of the most real, honest and down to earth people you will ever meet. It’s been said that Jenny has an uncanny ability to elicit great expressions out of any kid. She believes there isn’t a child out there that she couldn’t get a great photograph of. Her secret?? Patience. Determination. And an understanding and love of children.

Jenny’s confidence and passion spills out from her ‘Can Do’ spirit. She doesn’t believe being a successful photographer is a matter of what gifts you were born with, but how hard you’ve worked and how many failures you’ve overcome. Being completely self-taught has presented her with many challenges, but also an understanding for the needs and doubts among aspiring photographers. She never claims to be the absolute expert, but is willing to do whatever it takes to figure it out, and to help those around her succeed.

Jenny has earned recognition as an award winning photographer by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, Shoot and Share Magazine and various other blogs and websites. When she’s not being a mama or photographing clients, you can find her filling her time with a variety of creative avenues like: refinishing furniture, redesigning/remodeling her home or cutting a friend’s hair.

Jenny is our instructor for All the Cool Kids.



Do I need to know how to use my camera?
Yes! Knowing how to shoot in manual is a MUST for this workshop. Camera settings, ISO, shutter speed and aperture will be discussed, so knowing how to shoot in manual is a pre-rec.

What if I never photographed newborns before? Can I still attend?
We believe at TPE that “To be Clear is to be Kind!” We want to ensure that you know what type of a workshop experience you are in for when you join us! This workshop is for photographers who have the basics of newborn photography down. Jenny and Malia will be going into depth on lighting, advanced posing/wrapping, editing, and workflow.

  • Feeling burnt out? Yes, this workshop is for you.
  • Already gotten your feet wet, but need to fill in the blanks on ‘what is missing’ from your newborn shots? Yes, this workshop is for you!
  • Need someone to just “refresh” your vision on what is possible with newborn photography? Yes, this workshop is for you!

Still aren’t sure this is a perfect fit? Send a few of your shots over to Malia or Jenny and they can tell you whether this is the perfect time to work with them.

Malia:  malia@thephotographerselement.com
Jenny: jenny@thephotographerselement.com

I am SO EXCITED you are covering editing! What program will be used to demonstrate that?
Both Malia and Jenny use Adobe Photoshop. All demonstrations and editing bonanzas will be taught using the most current version of Photoshop CC.

I desperately need help with light. What kind of light will be covered in this workshop?
Jenny and Malia are both masters at studio AND natural light. Lucky you! Double lucky for you, they will be covering both kinds of light throughout the workshop, and you don’t have to lug your equipment there, either! We will provide all of the equipment needed for you to achieve picture perfect lighting using their techniques.

What if I can only attend for one day?
We would love to have you for any amount of time possible during the Oh Baby workshop experience! Unfortunately, with the limited seats, each seat remains at the same price regardless of how long/short a guest can stay.

Will this workshop be offered again, in a location closer to me?
We currently do not have solid plans for a second newborn workshop in 2016. We jumped on board to do this because Sarah (the creator of TPE!) is having her baby in June in Louisiana. Her baby boy will be one of our models! We do plan to do other workshops around the USA in 2017.

Do I need to find a hotel during the workshop?
No! This workshop is all inclusive! We provide all of your food and lodging during the experience, plus…the best part is you get to stay WITH Malia and Jenny the ENTIRE time! Yep, they’ll stay at the same house you will be staying at!   


We’ve got just 9 seats available for this workshop. It’s going to be live, in-person and intimate!

Don’t wait… snag your seat NOW!
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