POP QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Lightroom?

POP QUIZ_HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW LIGHTROOMLet’s get into the school spirit with this fun quiz to see how well you know Lightroom.

Question 1: What is this area called and what happens if it has disappeared?

ToolbarAnswer: This area is called the Toolbar. Sometimes it can disappear on you. If this happens, you can display or hide it by using the shortcut “T” on your keyboard. You can also go to the drop-down menu: View > Hide Toolbar or View > Show Toolbar.

Question 2: How do I keep more than one panel item open at a time?

Answer: You have the option of having either one panel menu open at the time or you can have them all open at the same time. This is controlled by selecting or de-selecting the solo mode option. To find this option you can right click on any panel menu and click solo mode.

Solo Mode


Question 3: What happens if you are missing one of your Modules?

 Missing Module
Answer: You can add or remove which module tabs are visible. To change just right click anywhere in the top panel and select the module that you would like to be visible.

Missing Module_answer


Question 4: What is this information showing on the image and how do I remove it?

 Info Overlay

Answer: The data shown at the top corner is the image information which includes the files name, date and time you took the photo, image size and camera settings. To view or remove this data use the keyboard shortcut “I”.


Questions 5: How do I learn more about Lightroom?

 get grounded in lightroom
Answer: This answer is super easy…register for Get Grounded in Lightroom!! Next session will be October 2016. Stay tuned for the registration period as spots will fill up fast. I will show you how you can speed up your editing workflow with this powerful tool.
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