Quicksand & Fairytale Endings


She struggled profusely with the quick sand wrapping itself around her body and pulling her further and further under until she had no choice but to submit to the feeling and allow nature to take its course, sinking further into the sand or fighting like the warrior she had envisioned herself to be and conquer the fear.

This is how many aspiring photographers feel, we can probably assume, most entrepreneurs too. The quick sand is the fear that holds us back, insisting you remain wedged in your comfort zone. We launch into our education by devouring books on photography imagining it to be the gooey centre chocolate filled ganache cupcake toppled with cream we eat with delight and determination.

We test our skills with our new knowledge briefly and then we go back for more. In between admiring many other photographers and their work when suddenly that tiny little voice in our head echoes exceptionally forcefully: “You will never be as impressive as they are! Quit now and stop conning yourself”. Fear completely consumes you and you get glued there, pulling you further in. We have all been here at some point in our life and many of us will put the camera down for a few months to study some more because we need to know everything before we have the “right” to capture breath taking images and call ourselves photographers.

Having been stuck there for a while, with the thought of I am “too old” to start again coupled with the sheer frustration of not “getting it right” is driving me to the point of representing The Scream painting and not in any creative form either!

I get how you feel and I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Remaining in the comfort zone is exactly as the word suggests COMFORTABLE. Yet comfortable doesn’t light the fire in your heart exploding your senses with wonder and excitement. Giving you lightning bolts of magic and creating your universe of fairy tale endings.

So as I kick my butt into gear, I challenge you to keep going! Let’s climb this mountain and conquer this journey together. If you were advising a friend, colleague or relative to follow their passion, I know with 100% certainty that you would not tell them to quit on their dream. Give yourself the same amount of passion and respect as you do for those you love.

Get off that indented old leather couch, pick up your camera and go seize YOUR vision, you are the only person who can! Share it with the world because the world needs to see your point of view!

To quote Sugar Ray Robinson: To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when no one else will!

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Nikki Dunford

Nikki Dunford

Hello from Sunny South Africa, a photographer’s dream world of beautiful beaches, majestic animals, sunrises and sunsets!

And that is how my journey started, I would look at everything and think: “Imagine seeing that from behind a lens, imagine capturing that beauty for all eternity, a moment in time that can never be lost or undone!A legacy of photographs to inspire people to shine their lights to one another”.

Pix by Nix Photography was born in 2013 and is a never ending exciting adventure of learning and growing as a photographer, which comes a very close second to my passion of being a mom to two beautiful teenage girls and wife to an amazing man!

As The Photographer’s Element Business to Business Guru, I want to share the love we have for our personally-tried-and-tested companies and products with our readers and followers! Photography is a love affair with life and we hope to share that love affair with everyone, from our incredible vendors all the way through to our incredible clients.
Nikki Dunford

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