Raising prices and keeping your current clients in mind

Q. “How did you handle current clients when you raised your prices?”

A. Well first, before booking any session, I always ask if they’ve been to my site, viewed the information about how I work and my prices. This way, when I talk money, I’m only emphasising what they already know. For previous clients, I’ll say, “Have you been to my website recently? There have been some changes.” You could say that you are no longer in the portfolio building stage of your business and now working full time. Basically, you just need to tell them!

On my website’s pricing page, I call it my 2015 pricing menu which means I can easily change my prices in a year or two because there was no reason to believe that wouldn’t be happening with a heading like that. It also encourages urgency to book if they want me at my current prices.

When you raise your prices, you’ll lose some of your clients. But only the ones who value you based on your low prices. Although I’m sure they’re lovely, nice people, you may not be able to take them with you as you move on up. If you continue to look back, you’re not looking forward. And we all know how dangerous it is to drive a car without looking where you’re going. It’s impossible.

There are lots of things to say on this subject but some of my best blogging buddies have already covered it so well. Click here to head over to my post The 6 Best Blog Posts About Photography Pricing.


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Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Halford


She blogs about photography and business with her unique plain English approach. Elizabeth has been-there-done-that with running a photography business that doesn’t profit a penny and loves teaching photographers how to get away from the starving artist model of running a creative business.
Elizabeth Halford

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