sessions-with-sarahSometimes you need the extra personal touch.

Perhaps you have more questions than can be answered in a single course. Or maybe you need to deep dive into a specific area of your photography practice with a trusted advisor.

A session with Sarah may be must what you’re looking for.

We are thrilled to be offering one-to-one mentoring for the first time here at The Photographer’s Element. And who better to offer her expertise than our founder and course instructor, Sarah Allred? That’s right, it’s just four weeks of you and Sarah, working on your professional growth in the most personal way possible!


here’s how it works

This course is a little different from the rest of our TPE curriculum as it involves one-on-one study over the course of four weeks. Sarah accepts just one mentee per month to ensure she can focus her attention and energy on you!

In Week One, you will:

  • submit a past photography session for review by Sarah
  • hop on Skype for a 1-hour call with Sarah (although you may want to pencil in more time in your calendar… they tend to go longer than just 1 hour!) for an in-depth discussion tailored to your needs.  Consider this a customized TPE class for you, you, and only YOU!  

In Weeks Two , you will work on tailored-to-you homework assignment with lots of texting, mini video chats, and homework “tweaks” to keep it spot on to your needs.

In Week Three, you’ll submit another session for review by Sarah.

In Week Four, you’ll hop back on Skype for a second call with Sarah (and you’ll already know to carve out a little more than an hour) to review your work, growth and carve out a personalized action plan just for you!

or…maybe a two week option is more your style!  Compare here!



We are currently booking our Sessions with Sarah for September, October, and November of 2016.

First come, first served!

register now

the details

class length:  4 weeks, or 2 weeks

class size: 1 – YOU!

tuition: 4-week = $800, 2-week = $500

If you’d like to be put on our waiting list for future sessions, hop on the VIP list, and we’ll let you know when our next opening is available.


sarah allredSarah Grace is celebrating her sixth blissful year as a photography teacher.

Mentoring flourishing photographers makes her heart sing, as well as collecting vintage Little Peoples, and devouring all things Drum Corp (check out and watch her inner-geek emerge!). Sarah believes in holding no secrets back when teaching and that photographs can truly change the spirit of your home sweet home.

Sarah Grace lives in Louisiana with her husband, reading-machine first grader, and scrambled eggs lovin’ baby boy.

Do you have specific questions about whether this course is right for you? You can reach Sarah Grace here. (And if you’ve got a line on vintage Little People? She’s your gal!)