Spider Camera Holster Review

Spider Holster:

The best camera holster for women


Here’s Why:

As the owner of three previous holsters + at a towering height of 5’2 I cannot be happy with carrying my camera on my waist.  I have always felt restricted trying to bend, turn, and get low to the ground for my favorite shots.  The Spider Camera Holster changed all of that.


Can’t watch the 12 minute hands-on review?  Read on for a cliff-notes version of what I love most about The Spider Camera Holster!

The Spider Camera Holster is worn on the lower hip/thigh/side area of your body!  Perfect for YOU + every other woman regardless of our various shapes and sizes!IMG_7782

Image courtesy of Spider Camera Holster.

Things that surprised me about this Holster:

I already felt empowered, like a Tomb Raider the minute I started wearing it.  What I loved most is that it took me minimal time to master the instinctive locking mechanism on the holster.  Now my Nikon D750 slides in and out with ease, whenever I need it to, which means I am using my camera more, without having to worry about carrying it! Anytime I can be hands free with my two kids is a win in my book!

I was also jumping for joy when I realized that the Spider Camera Holster is versatile with multiple lenses!  My Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 len is my go-to lens for nearly all of my shoots.  While it is a beast to carry, there is no lens I own that compares with it.  Luckily, due to Spider’s innovative lower waist/side design, your 70-200mm lens can be secured with confidence, and you can become hands free!

I have used my DSLR more in the past 6 weeks than ever before, and my shirts are happier.  There is beauty in having something that I can strap on OVER my shirt (nope, the other clips have to slide onto a belt, making me have to tuck shirts in…yucky for my body type!).  Combine over-the-shirt wearability, and hands free, and I am sold.

The capability of wearing my camera on a backpack never worked for me. Spider Holster does not claim to have capabilities like other clips to wear them on a backpack, with lenses facing down the chest.  Blunt-ready? I am shaped differently than a man, and I have never been able to secure a 70-200mm from a backpack clip down my chest.  It just doesn’t work!  So, while the appeal to holding my camera on a backpack seems awesome, I had always found myself clipping my camera onto my husbands backpack when that need arose.  The backpack clip desire is now gone for me, as I feel 100% comfortable in my Spider Holster.

Customer Service you can cheer about! I was especially excited to see that as I tested out Spider’s customer service (even asking questions on the weekends!) that they were fast to help and happy to help.  That’s my bread and butter.  The icing on the cake!  The milk to my cookies!

Spider Holster Wrap-up – I am a fan 100%

  • Brilliant customer service!
  • High quality materials:  No sissy-velcro here!
  • Inspiring you to use your best camera, MORE.
  • The best holster for women due to the unique lower waist design, and over-the-shirt strap!
  • Versatility done right!  Wear your 50mm, or your 70-200mm.  Spider has you covered.

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Sarah Grace Allred

Sarah Grace Allred

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Sarah Grace Allred