The Best of: Vol 1. The best things for your eyes and ears this month!

Meet Nikki. She is the friend I call when I walk into the local library. Yep, every time. She lives in Colorado, but even at such a great distance she knows my soul, and most importantly my taste in books. She knows I’m a Harry Potter nerd, romance novels make me vomit, and that if an animal dies at the end I will NOT be pleased with her.

So, I call her, and she guides me to the best of the best books. She is my greatest resource for all literary things. Bless her.

In a world of insane information overload, sometimes you need a good filter to show you what is worth your time. Don’t click bait me. Just give me awesome-possum value.

Introducing:  The Best of:  Vol 1:  The best things for your eyes and ears.  

I want to be “Your Nikki.”  Your filter for all the crazy amount of resources out there!  I have scoured my favorite avenues about photography, inspiration, humor, and marketing.  I’ve compiled my favorites below!  ENJOY!

The Best of:  Vol 1:  The best things for your eyes and ears.  

TED Talk: The Power of Design:What a serious wake-up call from the TED stage. The first section of this podcast talks about the designer behind the original iPod, and what those obnoxious stickers you find on fruit taught him about design. Need a pep talk to re-vamp some areas of your business, this one is for you!

Jenika at Psychology for Photographers: Write About Yourself so Clients Will Listen + Free Mini Course!:  It seems that not all photographers are great writers…wait WHAT?!  It is true!  You aren’t alone!  If you feel totally out of awesome-sauce anytime you sit down to write about yourself, Jenika gives you a 4-email-jump-start.  Bless her.

Every Branch:  Ep: 40 When Your Feelings Make You Stuck  This just might be your ticket to understanding why you feel in a RUT.  “The feeling of being stuck is a result of putting up walls and doors to protect us from feeling emotions that we don’t want to feel. We as humans really don’t like to be uncomfortable!”  Dive in to a 27 minute discussion about what is holding you back!  Worth every second!

The Chewbacca Mask Woman!  I couldn’t resist – you simply HAVE to witness the uplifting spirit behind the Chewbacca Mask Woman!  LOVE HER!




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8 Days until her best work goes on SALE!
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a mega crush on Psychology for Photographers the past while. Holy smokes this resource has changed my life. In fact, TPE was searching and searching for a great person to create a course for us about writing for your webpage/blog. Well, Jenika at Psychology for Photographers, has already done it, and we know we couldn’t have found any better resource. So, we are giving our big ol’ stamp of approval on herIrresistible Words e-Book. It is the best in the business and chuck full of all sorts of transformations for you. FYI, it is going on sale in 8 days. Not to be missed. We’ll let you know the minute the sale goes LIVE!

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Sarah Grace Allred

Sarah Grace Allred

Mentoring flourishing photographers makes her heart sing, as well as collecting vintage Little Peoples, and devouring all things Drum Corp (check out and watch her inner-geek emerge!). Sarah believes in holding no secrets back when teaching and that photographs can truly change the spirit of your home sweet home.

Sarah Grace lives in Louisiana with her husband, loves-to-ride-the-bus-Kindergartener, and scrambled eggs lovin’ baby boy.
Sarah Grace Allred