the legit department week 5welcome to week 5: are you ready to get started?

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Just when you thought our discussion of taxes was over, there’s a little bit more. Not income taxes this time though; now we’re going to focus on self-employment tax and when it makes sense to pay yourself a wage, plus we’ll go over exactly how and when and why to pay sales taxes. Gear up, because after our discussion this week you will be totally ready to tackle these sometimes tricky areas of operating a business.

Just a reminder of how to get the most from this week:
  • schedule your study time
  • grab your resources from the download links in the sidebar
  • watch this week’s video tutorials below
  • be sure to request access to our Facebook group and meet us for feedback, discussion and encouragement

PS: We’ve got some fantastic bonus materials — including a glossary, Excel templates, videos and more! — for you that you can access whenever you’re ready. You’ll find them here.

Together we’re going to get your business legit!

this week

this week

  • Day 21: Understand how and when to pay yourself, plus self-employment taxes
  • Day 22: Understand sales taxes and set up your sales tax
  • Day 23: Think up some questions!
  • Day 24: Understand some basic tips for smoothly operating a business
  • Day 25: Understand when the time is appropriate for you to invest in hiring a professional to help you with your accounting

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