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Can your clients see what your products look like on your website or in your welcome brochure, or do they have to imagine what they look like? You have taken the time to select these beautiful products for your clients, so why not take some time to photograph your products and share them on your website for potential clients to see. Here are some tips for creating images of your products.

The very first step before you even take out your camera is to think about the message you want to convey. Are the products fun? Are they luxurious? Are they seasonal? Pinpointing the message you want to convey is integral in the planning and staging of your set up.


As with any image set up, lighting is important. I use natural light. Sometimes, I like to place the products so that the lighting hits the front of my products, it all depends on the feel I want to go for. You might prefer to create a moody image, so you could place the products so that they are lit from the side. How you light the products is entirely up to you but sets the tone on how the client will feel about that product.


Are there distracting objects in the background that you physically can’t remove but don’t want them prominent in the image? There are two ways of dealing with this, change your position if you can or adjust your aperture so that the objects are blurred.

Here is a pull back of where I shot all of these images, you can see my space is tiny, I  used my entrance way because that is where the best light was for the feel I wanted to create for my products. Don’t be scared to move furniture and picture frames to get the best location for your images.


Styling your products

So you have figured out the look you want to achieve, now it is time to set it all up. You may want to keep it simple and just capture the products by themselvesm which is what I prefer to do. If you plan on using props only use items that are relevant to your product. For an example, I am going to use my USB drive and box that the USB drive is supplied in. You can create variety by adding items and taking them away.

First, take a photo of the product on its own, Then take additional photos including other relevant products. Here you can see I photographed my USB drive and 4 x 6” prints in a wooden box that I present to my clients.


If you are photographing albums, take photos of the album open, closed, details, and then stacked on other albums.

Or if you offer mini accordion albums you could do something like this….


If you are offering seasonal products, think about the season and what props you might be able to use to convey the season. I recently did some food photography for a local pub,  they are selling Christmas puddings made by them throughout the month of December, so when I set up the shot, I wanted to ensure that if they only needed to really use one photo, it would show the product, packaging and make it feel seasonal. I changed the feel by moving the dessert infront of the wood burning fireplace, you can see how it really changed the mood of the image.

Camera settings

Aperture is very important when shooting your products, it can add a very creative look, this is often the setting that I start with, because if need be I will use a tripod.

Taking the photos

You’ve got the lighting and location sorted, you know what settings you are going to use, you have your products beautifully styled, now it is time to take some photos.

I personally like to take my shots up close and personal, I feel that it helps people see the detail and quality, but remember to mix it up and stay true to your style.

These are just a few items that I think about when I am styling my products. I would love to see images of your products and hear what you do when styling your products. Feel free to share them here.



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Erin Freeman


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