To Snap or not to Snap: 3 questions to ask yourself before jumping on SnapChat


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To Snap or not to Snap: 3 questions to ask yourself before jumping on SnapChat

You’ve heard about Snap Chat right?  But wait a minute!  You just started becoming really confident with Instagram, so why oh why would you jump on board a new social media platform?  The truth is, it might help you but it also might not be worth your time.

Answer the following questions to help you figure out if you should start snapping or not.

Where are your clients?

Snap Chat is a pretty teen oriented app.  So, if you are a senior or teen photographer, it just might be the place for you.  Your current clients might not be teens, but are they always doing the latest and greatest?  Then I would go ahead and give Snap Chat a try!

Do your clients want you there?

I’m a senior photographer and sometimes I take a stab at Snap Chat because, yes, my clients are there.  The truth is though, Snap Chat is so popular with teens right now because it isn’t bombarded with adults like Facebook and Instagram.  So, ask your clients if they like seeing you on there or if it feels too sale-sy.  Really just ask.  They will tell you.

Do you have the time? 

If the answer is yes, Yay!! Go for it!  Snap Chat is super easy to learn and it is really fun.  But, if the thought of trying to get a new following is just too overwhelming, maybe it isn’t time to jump in.  Don’t spread yourself too thin that you start lacking in the areas that you have already established yourself.  Pace yourself and take it slow if you need to.

Snap Chat is fun!  So, if you want to go for it here are some ways to help get your feet wet.

  1. Jump in.  Get on there and start following your favorite photographers.  Take a look around.  One of the best things about Snap Chat is that the posts or “stories” are only available to view for 24 hours.  The time limitation on the posts make for an interesting spin on social media.  Once you get on there, you just might get hooked.
  2. Snap Chat Takeover. If you are photographing an avid snapper with a big following, hand over your phone and host a Snap Chat takeover.  This is what I do with my seniors.  This is the easiest thing to do because you really don’t need to know much except make sure that you have an account.  Then your client can use her snapping skills to capture the behind the scenes of your photo shoot.  (I’ll be hosting my own Snap Chat Takeover today.  So if you want to see how it is done, find me on Instagram @michellegiffordphotography and Snap Chat @michellegphotos)
  3. Be Real.  The reason why Snap Chat is catching on so quickly is because people, especially teens, are sick and tired of fake.  They want to see the real and the raw. So, just be real and raw.  No need to make your pictures polished, just let them experience what it is like to be on a session with you.

Thanks friends!  I hope this helped you with the wonderful world of Snap Chat.

Want to know more details about what I do with social media and everything else senior photography?

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Michelle Gifford

Michelle Gifford

As a high school senior photographer and creator of Beauty Revived, she has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers by Modern Teen Style and on the Hot 100 List of Senior Photographers by Senior Style Guide. She has been featured on Seniorology, Senior Style Guide, Beyond the Wanderlust and Beauty Revived. Her articles have been published on The Photographers Connection, Beyond the Wanderlust, Chic Critique site and magazine, Senior Style Guide Magazine, The Snap Society, How Does She and The Twelfth Year. She has created a high school senior photography business and is currently working on a marketing course and a spiritual business course for creatives.

When she’s not taking pics and writing, you can find her chasing her four children, holding hands with her handsome husband and sewing a fine seam.
Michelle Gifford