Top 5 Photography Christmas Gifts Under $100

Top 5 Photography Christmas Gifts Under $100Christmas is here and it is the perfect time to get some goodies to take your photography to the next level (or at least make you look oh, so professional). I’ve created a list that encompasses the pretty and practical side of photography. Are you ready for it? Here is my must have list this year and everything is under $100!  Doesn’t get much better than that.

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1.  The Photographer’s Planner

This planner by Kylee Ann Photography is THE absolute best (and she is one of TPE’s instructors!!). Let’s face it. We are photographers, we are creatives. Because of that, sometimes organization goes right out the window. Well, Kylee Ann has our back. She has put together is planner that will get us all ready for the new year. And for $44, it is a no brainer! Get it here.


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2. JoTotes

Maybe it is the inner fashionista in me, but I LOVE being on a shoot and someone asking me where my camera bag is. I guess everyone is used to those big gender-neutral black bags. Well, that just doesn’t cut it for me. JoTotes is fantastic because they have a bag for every price range. This one comes in at $89. It is a steal! Already have a camera bag? Well, I use mine as my purse sometimes, but don’t tell. You can find their bags here.

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3. The Photographer’s Element Mastering Manual

When I first learned how to shoot in manual, it was absolutely life changing! I went from having a nice camera to completely controlling my camera. It opened so many doors for me. This course is going to get you on the right track to your learning and I can’t think of a better instructor to give you the foundation of your photography and an audit course is only $100. What is stopping you? Go sign up now!

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4. The Expo Disc.

I have the Expo Disc and it is wonderful! It is a huge time saver. All you have to do is hold it on your lens, take a picture from where your subject is, push a couple buttons and you have perfect white balance. Think of all the time you save in post processing. And the price is just right, coming in at $39 on Amazon.

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5. A pretty fancy camera strap

Having a pretty camera strap can make all the difference. There’s no sense taking pictures without looking good, right? Well, it is time to take off that boring black one your camera came with and add your personal style to your camera. In comes the oh, so stylish scarf strap. We particularly like this strap from Capturing Couture. This one comes in at $39. Buy it here.

Well, my friends.  Have a great Christmas and go on and share this post with your hubs and maybe Santa will bring you one of these beauties on Christmas morning.



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Michelle Gifford

Michelle Gifford

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Michelle Gifford