the tpe posing key

We’ve got the cure for the common photography session

When you’re planning a shoot, does the thought of posing your clients stress you out? Have you always wondered how other photographers manage that perfect balance between structure and spontaneity? Or maybe you have basic posing skills, but your shoots are feeling a little stale?

Then you’ll want to grab the TPE Posing Key, developed by our very own Jenny Gibson, our All The Cool Kids instructor, and the photographer behind The Baby Road. She spills ALL her secrets and explains everything you need to know to pose like a pro.

But grab it now… because it’s only on sale ’til December 13th!

In this PDF and JPEG download mega-bundle, you’ll get:

  • The Posing Key: a 30-page, professionally-designed printable PDF jam-packed with the ins and outs of beautiful photography from posing, to composition, to emotion! You’ll learn the five most important elements in a photo, the secrets behind Jenny’s use of light… and so much more!
  • JPEG downloads of our Basic Posing Rules, Composition Basics, and Posing Examples formatted for iPhone/Android to make using the Posing Key on a shoot EASY!
tpe posing key product preview

dividerThe TPE Posing Key has everything you need to dramatically improve your posing skills and add variety to your sessions. Get ready to wow your clients with beautifully-composed, emotionally-resonant photography.



But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what TPE students have to say about The Posing Key:

allison b photography image“The Posing Key is amazing!

The first time you read it, you will have those ah-has and then the second time around, things will stick and you will start to develop your workflow based off of the elements taught in this key. The flow and layout of the posing key make it easy to understand and remember, AND it’s short and to the point, so it’s a quick reference for when you need it. You also get bonus downloads to your phone so you can use it on the go wherever you are! You won’t be disappointed.” Allison B.



“I love it!

The posing key is everything I had ever heard, read or thought about taking great photographs all rolled in to one practical, step-by-step document. Jenny makes sense of all the different elements of a successful image and explains them in an easy-to-read and conversational way. The Posing Key completely changed the way I thought about each photo prior to pressing the shutter. I found that the idea of each picture having a ‘recipe’, allowed me to shoot much more intentionally every time and look for ways to create more variety in each session and more impact with every image.” Jasmine

chanelle hunt tpe posing key testimonial“This posing key is such an invaluable tool!
It’s perfect to keep in your camera bag or iPad for a quick refresher before a session. I downloaded the images and made a sticky album with them to peek at during my sessions, it’s genius! This posing key is priceless! I’ve taken many classes, workshops, attended countless webinars and absolutely nothing compares to the education (and continued education) that I’ve received from taking the All The Cool Kids course! This posing key is not only about posing but lighting, composition, creativity, how to get a desired expression, inspiration and so much more. Thank you Jenny for being willing to be a part of my photography journey and for such an amazing and powerful send off into the photography world!” Chanelle Hunt


The TPE Posing Key the all-in-one skill building tool you’ve been looking for. But grab it now. It’s only available ’til December 13th!