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Your adventures are more WOW than you may think…

Everyone travels. Whether you are planning for the trip of a lifetime, your annual family trip to the beach, or a picnic across town, you are traveling. How do you up your game and elevate your photos to the next level at a seemingly ordinary park? How can you capture these moments to remember in an artistic and stunning way that takes them beyond the basic snapshot?  How do you make locations you haven’t had time to scout out look amazing? 

The key is in training your eye to see beyond the ordinary.

Whether you are using a dSLR, a point and shoot, or your phone, it is possible.  We are going to train your EYES, my friend.


Devour this bundle.
Train your eye to see the extraordinary….everywhere.
Live the Adventure you never thought possible.

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Pack your bags and solve these problems:

Included in the 33+ page full color PDF:

  • How to see beyond the ordinary
  • What gear to take
  • What bag to take it in
  • Basic composition techniques for stunning photos
  • How to see first with your eyes
  • How to document your journey without feeling like you’ve traveled with your face behind your camera the whole time…. (Yep….been there!)
  • How to get IN the pictures
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Taking your travel photos from blah to bam using editing (don’t miss this hugely important step!)

+ Bonus #1:  Complete packing list, customized to you as a photographer.

bonusSeriously, it has it all from undies to a grocery bag (to protect your camera in case it rains, to your trusty 50mm.  And here’s a look at your bonus presets.


+ Bonus #2:  Complete shot list.  Download it to your phone to spark creativity on the go!

bonusYou may walk the streets of London one day (or Disneyland, or downtown Detroit!), and not have a clue to capture the world around you.  Tuck this nifty shot list on your phone, or print it for your pocket, to remind you of the easiest ways to capture your adventure as only a photographer can!


+ Bonus #3:  Drool and swoon over these Lightroom presets.  Made specifically for travel.

bonusYour skies will never have been more blue, your black and whites more crisp and photojournalist-like, and your street photography never so vibrant and full of life!


Devour this bundle.
Train your eye to see the extraordinary….everywhere.
Live the Adventure you never thought possible.

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Meet Michaela.  TPE’s traveling-photog-expert!

michaela rastainoClickinWalkTampa2015_full-36Michaela Ristaino of Ristaino Photography is a portrait photographer residing in beautiful Sarasota Florida. A frequent victim of wanderlust, she can often be found with her trusty Canon, traveling around the globe capturing smiles, twirls, and other joyful moments.

Michaela’s photo-documentary travel website, American Girl in Italy, was recently honored with one of the top prizes in the 2015 Rick Steves’ Travel Scrapbook contest.

Michaela is happiest when she can use her lens for good, and she is proud to have been a part of several Beauty Revived campaigns, including the upcoming 50 Beautiful Children Campaign. (Last year she was an alternate for this campaign, and she ended up on the COVER of the magazine. How cool is that?) 

She is also an instructor for TPE’s Mastering Manual and is the heart and soul of The Photographer’s Element Student Lounge. Having the ability to create a safe and nourishing place for the TPE community to continue to grow and collaborate (even after your course is over!) fills her heart with joy. She truly believes that the nurturing environment at TPE is what sets it apart from other photography schools.

Michaela also runs several 30 Day Photo Challenges each year. A great way to try out all your new found travel tricks, she hopes you’ll join in the next one. Sign up here.  She left a piece of her heart in Italy and can’t wait to go back to find it.