tpe vendor showcaseat the photographer’s element, we take vendor endorsement just as personally as we take supporting your photography education.

Every single one of the products and services showcased on this page have been tried and tested by a member of our team.

Each has earned our seal of approval and we are delighted to recommend them to you!

how this works:

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  • look for the vendor link in the review for purchase info (and sometimes even discount codes!)

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Product sales made easy: no pressure, no new pricing structure, no long nights of creating samples and product menus. Two words: Swift Galleries.Are you struggling with that dreaded camera strap that doesn’t sit comfortably and you’re scared it’s going to slip and WHAM! There goes one of your prized possessions…..Then I have the perfect product(s) for you!The Reverie set has changed my photos and my editing dramatically, if you don’t believe me, go ahead and check out the review. I promise you won’t be sorry!Running your own business can be complicated at best. Disorganization is a slippery slope to forgetting some pretty important things. Enter your safety net, best friend, organizational guru...17 HATS!THE (yes, all caps…) best tool I have found that has transformed my in-person sales from sheepish and nerve-wracking to awe-inspiring and fun…is Preveal.