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A few months ago I wrote a post about the 5 do’s and don’ts of customer service. Today I want to revisit that post and focus on the tip about valuing our client’s. (You can view the post here in case you missed it)

When we experience unexpected acts of kindness or recieve treats from good friends it makes us feel like we matter to our friends. The same can be said when we get unexpected treats from businesses we frequent.


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein


So why not show our client’s that we value them! But you might be thinking “I have no idea where to start!”

What can I do to show my client’s I value them?

First of all think about what would make you feel valued, what would make you think “wow that was unexpected”.

Recently, when I went to my client’s house to shoot the last session in their watch me grow package, I brought the mum flowers. Turned out it was their wedding anniversary a couple days prior, but my motivation was because I knew that the mum had recently returned to work, and I remembered the feeling of leaving my son at nursery for the first time, and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her.

I don’t advertise that I do this as it will then become expected and that totally defeats my reasons for doing what I do.

Here are some other ideas…

  • Thank you card
  • Christmas ornament
  • Added freebie to their next photo session
  • Chocolates
  • Gift voucher to a great coffee shop/bistro
  • Gift voucher to your favourite gift store

My dear friend (who also happens to be an amazing photographer) sends her client’s pretty custom christmas ornaments, her client’s LOVE them, it even prompted a client to book party dates for the next year!

When is the right time?

Whenever YOU want to show them you value them is the right time.

It doesn’t just have to be cards around Christmas, birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Personally I like the element of surprise, and to choose times when they aren’t going to get anything from anyone else!

You can give them a little something at the end of their session, I like to give the children a special treat I have put together. It comes in handy if they need to be entertained after the session.

How much should I spend?

That all depends on you and what your budget might be, but remember showing our client’s we value them doesn’t have to become expensive and doesn’t have to be lavish.

You just want your client’s to know that you appreciate them and their business.

What’s the saying? “Its’ the thought that counts!”

The goal is to keep you fresh in your client’s minds, so that when they want to book another session they come to you!


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Erin Freeman

Erin Freeman


Originally from Canada, she upped sticks and moved to England 13 years ago, where she started a new adventure with her British husband. Her love of photography was ignited over 20 years ago when she travelled to Moscow, Russia aged 14, she hasn’t looked back since.

She started her business nearly 3 years ago, she soon realized that to offer her clients the best possible service, it needed to be personal, so she started looking into more ways to create this service, when the opportunity came to meet with Elizabeth Halford to take the Sales in Plain English class, she jumped at it.

When Erin isn’t working, she enjoys hanging out with her son at the British seaside and camping (or glamping as her son calls it). She also loves a bit of crocheting and sewing in the winter months.
Erin Freeman

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