What to do when are aren’t busy during the BUSY SEASON!

Dear YOU, on the brink of the “Busy Season!”

I totally know what it feels like to glance ahead on your calendar, approaching the BUSY SEASON and realize…


Everyone else seems to be touting sold out Mommy and Me sessions, booked summer calendars, and wallowing in despair due to “so much editing” that needs to be done.

All this while YOU would give ANYTHING to have some editing to do!

You are not alone. Sometimes our businesses growth take a wave-like pathway instead of a straight up rocket launch! In fact – **every business** goes through these lulls and while frightening to us as business owners, they can be hugely valuable.

Do not spend the ‘lull-moments’ in your business feeling discouraged, alone, and paralyzed.

Instead, let me share with you my best ideas on how to tackle the “lull” and breathe some life into yourself as a creator,

My top 4 suggestions on what to do when your business is at a lull.

#1: (FREE!) Join TPE for 8 weeks of Webinars this summer!

Yep, serious. Watch our entire summers worth of webinars LIVE, and it is totally free. _Topics like 5 Business Foundations, Conquering Social Media, Your Brand is NOT your Logo, Viral Blog Ideas, and MORE are on the calendar. Our kick-off webinar start June 6th. Don’t miss it. Watch your inbox (DRAG this message into your PRIMARY inbox so you don’t miss the official announcement!), for more details and a full schedule!

#2: (Going on SALE at the end of this month!) Polish your website and blogging.

If you have yet to meet Jenika at Psychology for Photographers, how I wish I could shove you in to her arms. Her website is nothing short of transformative, and her heart and integrity are just as rich and fulfilling. Meet her. Explore her words of wisdom – this girl could change your business in all the most fabulous ways possible. I recently got my hands on her Irresistible Words eBook. Holy hannah. If thoughts have ever crossed your brain like ‘I can’t write.’ ‘Blogging is such a chore for me.’ ‘I can’t get started when I need to write to my clients because I don’t want to say the right thing…’ Jenika has taken her psychology skills (She graduated from YALE friend…Yep. She’s a big deal.) She has graciously agreed to putting _Irresistible Words_ on sale at the end of the month. Don’t miss the sale by getting on the wait-list here.

#3: (FREE!) Find a buddy, and collaborate.

I firmly believe that being willing to take a leap of faith will bring amazing results in your business. Forget the notion of competition, and find a photography buddy. Go out and photograph each other (fresh head-shots!). Help each other photograph your products. Plan to-do lists of what needs to be overhauled with your business and meet for lunch every ten days with your progress. Stay accountable, and encouraging of one another.  You would be amazed what two brains can do in a short amount of time for your business, confidence, and excitement!  (Psst!  I HIGHLY recommend this option if you are feeling on the verge of burn out!)

#4: ($15 option!) Give BACK!

I firmly believe in the Law of Abundance. The MORE you give, the MORE blessings will pour your way – whether personally, spiritually, or in business. I am thrilled to let you know that Beauty Revived, a cause near and dear to my heart, has just opened applications for their 50 Most Beautiful Children campaign for 2016. Our very own TPE Team member, Michael Ristaino graced the cover of last years campaign, and wrote about it here. This is a cause and opportunity, not to be missed. Applications are open from now until May 13th. Inspired to give back? APPLY HERE.

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Sarah Grace Allred

Sarah Grace Allred

Mentoring flourishing photographers makes her heart sing, as well as collecting vintage Little Peoples, and devouring all things Drum Corp (check out www.dci.org and watch her inner-geek emerge!). Sarah believes in holding no secrets back when teaching and that photographs can truly change the spirit of your home sweet home.

Sarah Grace lives in Louisiana with her husband, loves-to-ride-the-bus-Kindergartener, and scrambled eggs lovin’ baby boy.
Sarah Grace Allred