What to do when you are too lazy to blog | Five Minute Friday


Blogging……sigh. I would say it is a love hate relationship, but honestly I just feel some good old fashion hate for blogging. I know how important it is for SEO and my portfolio to blog often, but I just feel like it takes so much effort. Enter my new BFF! WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin….tada!!! It’s as if my blogging doppelganger is out there and made a plugin to make my excuses for disliking blogging disappear. I could rave all day, but watch this quick video while I show you exactly how this plugin looks, works, and more importantly, makes blogging a breeze!



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Meagan Opel

Meagan is a wife, mother of three, animal hoarder, and passionate photographer. She hates wearing shoes, loves Murder She Wrote, and is starting an adventure in dutch oven cooking.

She started down the road of photography with a gentle push from her husband and hasn’t looked back. She loves being able to capture those “real life” moments that can slip by in the blink of an eye. Like most photographers with kids, Meagan became fascinated (obsessed) with photographing her children from second she laid eyes on them, and loves helping others hone their photography skills to better capture their own children.

Meagan is our instructor for Get Grounded in Photoshop, and is also our official Operations Queen. She keeps everyone organized, scheduled, and on track with blogging, Happy Hour, Extra Credit, communication, customer service, and anything else that keeps TPE operating on a day to day basis just for you!

When she isn’t working for TPE, running her own business, or running after her own three small kiddos she enjoys being outdoors, cooking, spending time with her animals, and swimming.