wind courses with the photographers element
Putting the wind in your business’ sails!

Any runners out there? You have most likely experienced running either with the wind, or against it. It is always the best option to put the wind in your favor. So it is with business. There are decisions to be made and habits to be developed that will truly put the wind in your sails! Our business moguls are ready to help.

Our Core Wind Courses


Do you struggle getting your clients to order? Are you scared to take them through your products? Do you hate talking about money with your clients? Don’t know where to start with In Person Sales? Well then... this class is for you, you will wonder

The Thriving Business

This four-week course is designed to help photographers build a sustainable, profitable, and efficient business to help you get your life back.

The Legit Department

This five week course is will give you all the information you need to have a legitimate business up and running in 30 days, so you don't lose sleep wondering if the IRS or State Department of Revenue is going to show up at your door!

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