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Are your struggling with that dreaded camera strap that doesn’t sit comfortably and you scared it’s going to slip and WHAM! There goes one of your prized possessions…..Then I have the perfect product(s) for you!

Let’s talk PEAK DESIGN!

I had the privilege of testing 3 of their products – the hand strap, the belt strap and the camera strap and WOW is that word that comes to mind!

    • Completely versatile and strong.
    • Very comfortable and you can confidently use the products with no fear of landing up with a broken camera.
    • Accessories all included to attach them with a lovely little black satin bag
    • Customer service = EXCELLENT!! I constantly got feedback from them on any queries.
    • Sounds like something you that would add that bit of glamour to your very busy shoot, go check out my review below!

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Nikki Dunford

Nikki Dunford

Hello from Sunny South Africa, a photographer’s dream world of beautiful beaches, majestic animals, sunrises and sunsets!

And that is how my journey started, I would look at everything and think: “Imagine seeing that from behind a lens, imagine capturing that beauty for all eternity, a moment in time that can never be lost or undone!A legacy of photographs to inspire people to shine their lights to one another”.

Pix by Nix Photography was born in 2013 and is a never ending exciting adventure of learning and growing as a photographer, which comes a very close second to my passion of being a mom to two beautiful teenage girls and wife to an amazing man!

As The Photographer’s Element Business to Business Guru, I want to share the love we have for our personally-tried-and-tested companies and products with our readers and followers! Photography is a love affair with life and we hope to share that love affair with everyone, from our incredible vendors all the way through to our incredible clients.
Nikki Dunford

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